The Definitive Study of Vacation Rentals

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“The Definitive Study of Vacation Rentals”

By Andrew McConnell, CEO, and Founder of

Once word gets out about the discovery of gold, fortune seekers from all over the world rush to reap its prosperity.

The vacation rental market has become a 21st-century gold rush.

Disruptive players like Airbnb, VRBO, and Tripping have created new models to connect property owners, managers, and renters; allowing property owners to open their homes and bringing a great deal of attention to real estate’s potential as an income stream.

Homeowners have flocked to rental real estate with dreams of additional income that makes possible the previously impossible, such as building a nest egg or putting their kids through school. Unlike many gold miners who were disappointed they didn’t strike it rich overnight, there is money to be made in vacation rentals if you can offer innovative solutions. Profitability in rental real estate hinges on dedication, a professional approach, and a competitive advantage.

Not unlike a gold rush, real estate has the power to stimulate economies and lead to the development of new industries. Industries adjacent to gold mining – such as transportation companies and equipment providers – have historically profited from gold mining. Today, the vacation rental market has created and grown complimentary businesses including pricing analysts, concierge and guest services, management, marketing and more.

In many ways, the vacation rental market is easier to navigate than ever. In others, it is more challenging than ever. Attention, maturation, and growth have made a more competitive market. The growth of ancillary services has created high expectations and necessitated a professional approach from property owners and managers at all times.

Today’s successful rental property business owner must be a jack-of-all-trades – part accountant, financier, manager, marketer and creative genius. With this book in hand, you can rise to the challenge to overcome obstacles you may not have considered, meet increasingly high renter expectations and stand out in a sea of quality vacation rental options. You can think of this book as a toolkit filled with everything you’ll need to find fortune in the vacation rental gold rush.

Andrew McConnell

CEO and Founder of




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